Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Holiday Shopping That Gives Back

This holiday season as we start thinking about gifts and shopping and all that comes along with how we celebrate Christmas in America,  let's think about who benefits from our spending and how our shopping might help others.

If you really think about it, shopping is a form of giving...

Shopping involves our money.

Lets face it, money is important in our lives. It’s how we survive.

It’s also important in other people's lives. It's how they survive.

We think a lot about money. Do we have enough. How can we get more. Should we buy this or that...

But mostly our thinking about money is mostly about us.

To be honest, we hardly ever think about the other side of the equation.

How does our money affect others. Who made what we’re buying?

Who benefits from the money we are spending?

Freeset Bags offers employment to women trapped in the Kolkata, India sex trade.

You see, our money that is going out…is somebody else’s money coming in.

Our shopping and how we spend our money is going to benefit someone and we can choose who.

There is a new social conscious brewing as we are starting to realize that shopping is a form of giving.

How we spend our money and who we decide to spend it with is a form of giving.

Only it’s not charity....   It’s better!

God is Able Jewelry is an amazing group of women in Kampala, Uganda living HIV positive.

There's a whole system of business and trade that focuses on helping people who are living in unfair conditions all across our world. It's known as Fair Trade.

It's not a hand out... It's a hand up.

Doing business with people living in poverty provides them more than employment.

A few of the women from Global Mamas in Ghana, West Africa

It provides them with dignity and hope.

The people we have met are not looking for pity... They're looking for opportunity.

They're looking to be able to send their kids to school.

Some of the beautiful children we met at a Compassion International Project in Nairobi, Kenya

They're looking to be able to get access to clean water.

They're looking to be able to go to the the doctor if they are sick.

They're looking to have a better life that would include very basic needs that many of us take for granted.

As followers of Jesus, we have devoted our lives to giving some of the poorest of the poor a marketplace here in America for the beautiful handmade products they produce.

Many are living on less than $2 a day...
Many are women rescued from sex trafficking...
Many are HIV positive...
Many are living with handicaps and disabilities...

We have items for sale made by over 200 small artisan groups from over 42 different countries around our world.

This Holiday season, will you take a little time to learn about some of them? Click here.

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  1. This is so very true! This year I am giving fair trade gifts to my family. I love gifts that give and I want to teach my daughter that it is better to give than receive!

  2. I love that my children know about Fair Trade in a real way because of your store. It is tangible to them and it gives us an easy way to extend help to people outside our regular reach.

  3. Katie, Thank you so much for your encouraging words! :)))